WoWing with Seborrheic Dermatitis

Here’s a quickie I must get off my chest, while a new patch is updating.

I’ve suffered seborrheic dermatitis for many years now and just recently it started on my hands causing some discomfort whilst gaming.

My symptoms are pretty normal i.e. my skin is red, flaky and extremely itchy. I have had it all over my body, just not on my hands until very recently.

seborrheic dermatitis (Not my Hands – but they look a bit like this)

Who would have thought that even though I have all the money in the world, I have so far found nothing that truly works to get rid of it. Needless to say. It isn’t a pretty site, and after a mammoth 12 hour gaming session leaves my hands looking like victims of a cheese grater.

The good news though is that they heal up overnight ready for a slaughtering the next day. So while it never fully heals, just like in Ground Hog Day, my hands are back to where they were the next morning.

I have tried many natural treatments and changed my diet to include more vegetables, ginger and herbs, which has helped some.

My girlfriend is sympathetic at least, as she has problems of her own (Don’t make me tell) and at the end of the day I see more of her character online than seeing her face to face (I am a self-confessed geek remember!).

Those that have this condition, I feel your pain. I recently came across this site that suggests using UV therapy as a means to cure it. I will be sure to give this ago as I am ready to try anything. Those that have this nasty seborrheic dermatitis condition any thoughts on this treatment?